great news January 31st, 2018
Dear friends. We have had to solve many problems with the site. Ddos attacks to the server and the consequent problems with the database. Please, we ask that if you find any problem, please let us know via support or forum.
We have eliminated all inactive members to guarantee the work of the referrals. we only sell active referrals.
But, we have good news.
The minimun cashout is reduced to 0.25$ perfect money
The minimun cashout is reduced to 1.05$ paypal.
payza is added the next week.
Request your payment now.
All payments are be made in 48 hours or less.
I added a new special pack only for 10 members and limited time.( 1 pack for member)
If you buy any special advertiser pack minimun value 4.99$ you received a membership free
Diamond membership monthly
1 Month
50% Downline Earnings
$0.00 PTP CPM
10% Referral Commission
10 PTSU Credits Upon Joining
1000 Link Credits Upon Joining
10000 Banner Credits Upon Joining
The membership is added manually, no need contact me, i added after purchase the special pack.
Thanks and regards.
admin of clickplace, clixiads and sparkyclix.
Ddos atack January 22nd, 2018
Hello members. The server of auroracoderz is Ddos atacked and the coder working in it for very long time. 100 sites is down and the coder haas very hard work for fix it. Sorry for inconvenience. I added many ads value 0.01$ and 0.03$ for limited time for all members.
Thanks for your support and sparkyclix working fine now and paying. Regards.
New admin December 20th, 2017
Hello all members and wellcome.
I am the new admin of sparkyclix. I am admin of ptc sites, trader and clicker 10 years a go. sparkyclix is a great site and paying fast. All pending payments they will be processed in a few time. In this moment you request cashout via paypal (1.05$) perfect money(0.25$) or bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via coinpayments.
In this moment sparky clix have the best prices in advertising and memberships. If you buy any pack via paypal or perfect money you receive 25% discount directly. This offer is only this week for relaunched site. Many offers and news in a few time. Contest and promotions.
the payment for posting is still valid, I strongly urge you not to spam.

The ptc sites need the help of the members for the proper functioning. Thank you very much and any doubt do not hesitate to contact me by mail or forum.
Bitcoin Fees Lowered August 07th, 2017
The Bitcoin network has stabilized in the past few weeks, with fees becoming more reasonable.

Thus we have decided to lower fees for Bitcoin withdrawal to $0.35 from $0.50.

SparkyClix Staff.
7 Days Purchase Discount! July 07th, 2017
Buy anything using PayPal and get 10% Discount.

Buy anything using Perfect Money and get 15% Discount.

Promo valid until 14.07.2017.

SparkyClix Staff
MinuteStaff Added June 16th, 2017
Dear members,

To help you increase your earnings we have added a new offer wall: MinuteStaff.

Start earning more!

SparkyClix Staff
Support Tickets Fixed June 09th, 2017
Support ticket problem has been fixed.

Read here for more info.

SparkyClix Staff
Bitcoin Terms Changed May 17th, 2017
Bitcoin payment terms have changed to adapt to the current Bitcoin network status.

Read here for more info.

SparkyClix Staff
Offers4all available! April 19th, 2017

Dear members,

Today we add a new offer wall for you to click complete tasks and increase your earnings!

Offers4all offer wall now available. Access it from the site menu under Offer Walls or Earnings Area in your account panel.

Happy clicking!

Super Discount! April 18th, 2017

Buy anything using Perfect Money and get 15% discount!

Buy anything using PayPal and get 10% discount!

Promo valid for 48 hours only!!

Error Message License April 12th, 2017

The error message that made the site unavailable for a few hours in the past 2 days has been fully solved now.

For more details read this thread in our forum.

Regards, SparkyClix Staff

Perfect Money Payments April 07th, 2017

Dear members,

Because it is very easy to create a new Perfect Money account and use it for fraud purposes we will not send payments to PM accounts that are brand new with no transaction history. Please make at least one transaction with your Perfect Money account before requesting payment via PM.

Hosting Moved April 03rd, 2017


We have been experiencing issues with our hosting and have moved to a different server.

All site functions should be fully restored now. If you experience issues please contact us.

Regards, SparkyClix Staff

SolidTrustPay available March 31st, 2017
Dear members we have added SolidTrustPay for purchases. We offer a 5% discount for any purchase made using STP.
Payments March 25th, 2017
Hello from today all payments will be made in 5 business days. We need to verify every account in part. Your business will be apreciatted.
Bitcoin Fee March 20th, 2017
Dear members,

Bitcoin fee has been changed to $0.25 to cover transfer fees over the Bitcoin network.
We advise you to cash out at least $1 with Bitcoin.

To cash out small amounts with minimum fee you can use Perfect Money where cashout fee is just $0.03.
Vote for us on eMoneySpace! February 06th, 2017
Hi there,

Our website just got approved on eMoneySpace's Online Earning sites list. So please vote for us.

Voting link: Click here to vote for us!

Best of luck

Reached 500+ Members! February 05th, 2017
Hi there,

We are very happy that we have reached 500+ members within 6 days of launch.

Read more details here.

Best of luck

About PayPal purchases February 03rd, 2017
Hi there,

For some security reasons, All PayPal purchases must be manually approved by administrator. It will be approved within 24 hours.

Best of luck!


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