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Help me, I am not making money! #1
Posted on 10:47 am 04/14/2017
We are running an advertisement business, so all our money and your money comes from advertising revenue. Earnings on are not guaranteed, We are not a get-rich-quick pyramid scheme, MLM or investment opportunity. We simply act as middlemen between advertisers and potential customers.

That being said, here is a quick guide to maximize your earnings on SparkyClix:

1. Become an advertiser! We offer very good advertising rates. Take advantage of our active member base by promoting your own websites and earn money on your affiliate accounts. We are here to help you earn money on any sites or programs you are a member of, not just

2. Get referrals! This can be accomplished mainly by promoting your referral link as much as you can. Invite your friends, post on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network about our website. Have any credits left over on other PTC websites? Use them to advertise your SparkyClix referral link. Referrals can also be bought for a fee, but referrals available to buy are taken from a pool of active members that have signed up to SparkyClix without being referred by anyone, and are thus limited. Referrals that you buy remain yours forever, you cannot delete them but you can recycle them if they become inactive.

We do not offer the option to rent referrals, you can only buy them for lifetime. When the referral pool runs out, new referrals will only be available to buy once more unreferred members join.

3. Upgrade your membership! An upgraded membership will unlock extra ads of higher value, more earning options such as PTP (Paid to Promote) and also bring you higher commission from your referrals.

4. Explore the website! We are constantly evolving and adding new features. SparkyClix is about more than just clicking the same kind of ads every day. We have tasks that you can complete to earn a lot more money than from just viewing ads, several offer walls where you can find more ads, offers and tasks, and more will be added every month. Keep up to date with all the new ways to earn we add here on SparkyClix.
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Re: Help me, I am not making money! #2
Posted on 6:30 pm 04/14/2017

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