License verification issues #1
Posted on 7:51 pm 04/12/2017
Dear members,
I am sure you have seen this message a lot in the past couple days. The site was not loading and all you got was this message about license verification.

We are running a licensed script so there should be nothing like that, unfortunately this message has kept on popping up lately. We did our research and other sites have encountered this too - most notable one being Clix4btc which had major issues following Christmas last year.

As you may or may not know, we are not the original owners of this site. My friend bought this site from the original owner in March. We use the same admin account but there are actually 2 of us managing this site. We have our own hosting reseller account, where several other PTC sites are hosted. None of the other sites had this issue, except SparkyClix, but they are running other scripts.

We attributed the issue at first to the amount of visits that we get, as our traffic is significantly higher than the other PTCs we host - however, yesterday we tried out another hosting provider and the site worked for 1 day then the same issue happened again. The script author was barely helpful last time, blaming the hosting provider, while the people managing the servers insisted that the problem is not on their end either. This time the script author did not respond in a timely manner and we took matters in our own hands. The downside is that we will no longer be offered support - but it's not like they were any help in the first place.

We are working on our own custom script now and will keep on adding features as time goes. Payments will always be on time for everyone who deserves them. Cheaters will not be tolerated. Advertisers will be offered very good rates. We will keep getting better and better as our member base grows.

We have since moved the site back to our account and will keep the other host as a backup for 1 month in case something else goes wrong. But certainly, the license issue will never pop up again.

Happy clicking!

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